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On July 31, 2020, Suntak Technology was issued an “Outstanding Contribution Award for 5G Delivery” issued by ZTE, a world-renowned enterprise of 5G communication equipment.


The Year 2020 is the first year of 5G, and ZTE is one of the most important communication equipment suppliers in the world, which plays a decisive role in the field of 5G. In 5G projects, PCB also plays an important role, especially high and multilayer communication boards, which are essential.
At the end of December 2019, Suntak Technology participated in a PCB procurement tender for 5G projects of ZTE, during which it stood out from a number of industry-leading enterprises focusing on high and multilayer PCB boards and won the first bid. In ZTE's history, Suntak Technology was the first PCB supplier to get orders that were more than RMB 100 million directly after becoming a qualified supplier, meanwhile it was also the first PCB supplier to enter the supply chain directly from the most important and top-end projects.
In order to better undertake ZTE's 5G projects and successfully complete the delivery of PCB products, Suntak Technology has set up a special team with Peng Weihong as the First Responsible Person, who is the Senior Vice President of the Group. Special team members also include First Person-in-Charge of R & D, Manufacturing, Purchasing, Finance, Sales, Quality and other departments, aiming to meet the needs of customers from all aspects, including raw material, technology, craft, cost, quality, business and so on.
Perspiration will not be in vain, very significant results have been achieved through the company's high attention and full cooperation, of which delivery results of Suntak Technology have been highly recognized by ZTE. On the basis of winning the first bid, ZTE successively increased Suntak’s order shares in 5G projects, and issued Suntak a 2020 “Outstanding Contribution Award for 5G Delivery” at the end of July. This is the result of efforts of all  company members, as well as a witness and milestone of good cooperation between the both parties. It is expected that in the future cooperation, both parties could continue the mutually beneficial and win-win mode, meanwhile achieving sustained growths!


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