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With the integrated development of 4G technology and the fast rise of 5G technology, the communication industry has grown at a high rate, and driven the continuous increase in the demand for communication network technology services, bringing a new opportunity for the development of communication network technology services. With the reputation of high quality, reliability and stability, Suntak Technology has become the supplier of main communication giants in China and even the world. We have accumulated rich experience in the production of high multi-layer, high-frequency antennas, high-speed boards, optical modules, thick coppers, buried copper blocks, rear drills, rear boards, etc., with professional studies on the signal integrity and impedance control, and are also equipped with the ability to test independently.
Shenzhen Plant is engaged in the R&D, production and sales of high multi-layer electronic circuits, and the products are mainly applied in communication, servers, medical treatment, aviation and other high-tech fields.

  • Transceiver

    Craft show

    Layers 22L
    Board thickness 3.0±0.3mm
    Material IT968
    Impedance 36groups
    Back drilling 15groups
    Hole-to-line 0.175mm
  • 56G switch mainboard

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    Layers 18L
    Board thickness 3.3±0.26mm
    Material IT968
    Aspect ratio 16.5:1
    Minimum impedance tolerance ±10%
    Back drilling Stub STUB≤0.25mm
    Loss -0.65db/inch@13.28GHz
    Surface treatment ENIG+OSP
  • Communication base station

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    Layers 14L
    Board thickness 3.0±0.3mm
    Material ITEQ IT180A
    Aspect ratio 3.8:1
    Hole-to-line 0.175mm
  • 5G Antenna

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    Layers 2L
    Board thickness 0.5±0.064mm
    Material DS7409DV
    Aspect ratio 1.7833:1
  • Optical module

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    Layers 6L
    Board thickness 1±0.1mm
    Material ITEQ IT180A
    Aspect ratio 1.87:1
    Hole-to-line 0.15mm
  • We use raw materials from world famous brands, have established incoming material inspection regulations that comply with international and customer standards, constantly trace and promote supplier quality improvement activities, and build and maintain strong cooperation with suppliers.

  • Quality products are made, not tested. We have standardized production process and detailed operation instructions for each process of the production line to ensure that the operation specifications and operation standards are correctly implemented.

  • We strictly check and control the shipment quality according to the international standards and customer standards, timely follow up the product quality performance after shipment, and take quick and effective improvement actions on the customer

  • Responsible for managing the supplier and incoming materials

  • Responsible for promoting all systems of the company as well as the maintenance and the import of new customers

  • Responsible for the first article inspection of the process, the patrol inspection, and taking the lead in improving process abnormality and managing defective products

  • Responsible for monitoring the solution in the production line and the reliability of products

  • Responsible for the inspection before delivery

  • Responsible for after-sales service

Shenzhen Suntak products are mainly high layer, used in communication, server, medical, aviation/aerospace and other fields


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