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Suntak Technology obtained the IATF16949 certificate for the first time in 2005, and reached the strict quality requirements for automobile products. To become the world’s top automotive PCB supplier, Suntak Technology has invested a large amount of manpower and materials into the R&D and production of automotive PCB, and implemented strict controls on the production process, quality and traceability, to guarantee the quality for customers. Our PCB products (thick copper, HDI, high frequency and high speed, etc.) have been extensively applied in the electronic driving system, central control system, vehicle electronics, and communication entertainment system, and can also simultaneously meet the technical development requirements for longer service life, higher temperature load, and smaller design distance.
Zhuhai No. 1 Plant, as the Group’s most automated modern high-tech plant, is committed to making products that are mainly applied in automobiles, computers, photoelectricity, security and other fields.

  • DI5.1-LGA

    Craft show

    Layers 12L BU5 5(Anylayer)
    Board thickness 0.94+/-0.10mm
    Material EM-526
    Line width / space 0.05/0.05mm
    Minimum aperture 0.1mm
    Surface treatment ENIG
  • DCU

    Craft show

    Layers 10L
    Board thickness 1.6mm
    Material S1000-2M
    Line width / space 0.081/0.1mm
    Minimum aperture 0.2mm
    Surface treatment ENIG
  • New energy electric drive MCU

    Craft show

    Layers 6L
    Board thickness 1.6±0.16mm
    Material SL S1000H
    Line width / space 0.152/0.15mm
    Minimum aperture 0.25mm
    Resistance welding 10-50um
    Thermal grease 120+/20um
    Surface treatment ImmersionTin
  • Camera module

    Craft show

    Layers 4L
    Product structure 1R+2F+1R
    Board thickness RF 0.8±0.08 mm sus 1.0±0.1mm/0.3±0.05mm
    Material EMC EM-827
    Minimum line width/ line spacing 0.07/0.1 mm
    Drill aspect ratio 4.0mm
    Surface treatment ENIG
  • Central entertainment system

    Craft show

    Layers 6L
    Board thickness 1.6mm
    Material SL S1000H
    Inner layer 0.43/0.08 mm
    Outer layer 0.112/0.07mm
    Minimum hole size 0.2mm
    Surface treatment Sink gold
  • VW MQB

    Craft show

    Layers 4L
    Board thickness 1.6±0.1mm
    Material ITEQ IT158TC
    Inner layer 0.23/0.15mm
    Outer layer 0.24/0.148mm
    Minimum hole size 0.35mm
    Surface treatment ENIG
  • We use raw materials from world famous brands, have established incoming material inspection regulations that comply with international and customer standards, constantly trace and promote supplier quality improvement activities, and build and maintain strong cooperation with suppliers.

  • We firmly believe that high-quality products are produced instead of tested. We have standard manufacturing processes and detailed production line operation manuals, to guarantee correct implementation of operation regulations and standards.

  • We strictly inspect and control the quality of all outgoing products according to international and customer standards. Moreover, we follow the quality performance of products after delivery, and adopt rapid and effective improvements to resolve any problems of abnormal quality raised by customer.

  • Professional service team, the first time to provide customers with product consultation, technical solutions, on-site technical support, to solve customer products in the application of technical problems, to meet customer needs, our vision is to exceed customer expectations, create higher value.

  • Responsible for managing the supplier and incoming materials

  • Responsible for promoting all systems of the company as well as the maintenance and the import of new customers

  • Responsible for the first article inspection of the process, the patrol inspection, and taking the lead in improving process abnormality and managing defective products

  • Responsible for monitoring the solution in the production line and the reliability of products

  • Responsible for the inspection before delivery

  • Responsible for after-sales service

Zhuhai F1 mainly produces multi-layer circuit boards, which are used in automobile, computer, security, optoelectronics and other fields


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