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On October 27, 2022, SUNTAK 2022 Evaluation Meeting of S&T Achievements of New Products and New Technologies was successfully held in Chongda, Jiangmen, during which three S&T achievements of SUNTAK were rated as “domestic-leading”. The Evaluation Meeting was hosted by Guangdong Keyuan Science and Technology Achievement Evaluation Co., Ltd., and 7 industrial professors and senior engineers were invited as members of the evaluation committee, including Academician Min Yonggang from Guangdong University of Technology, Professor Cui Xiaole from Peking University, and Professor Xiao Junjun from Harbin Institute of Technology. Under the lead of Mr. Zou Jinlong, General Manager of Technology from SUNTAK, the relevant achievement leaders and representatives of project team members also attended the Evaluation Conference.

The Evaluation Committee listened to the project R&D summary report, inspected the R&D and production site, and strictly reviewed the relevant technical documents. After discussion and questioning, it was agreed that: SUNTAK’s project titled the R&D and Industrialization of AAU Module High-frequency/High-speed PCB New Products for 5G Base Stations can meet the requirements for the PCB high-frequency/high-speed signal transmission, high heat dissipation, and signal integrity of 5G base stations, and can reach the domestic-leading level as a whole. The project titled the Rigid-flexible Combined Third-order HDI Production Technologies and Products has formed a complete set of manufacturing process technologies of high-density interconnection rigid-flexible combined printed circuit board for portable medical devices, and can reach the domestic-leading level as a whole. The project titled the Manufacturing Technologies of High Multi-layer Printed Circuit Board for the Server and Its Products are specific to the high multi-layer structure, short slot holes and high-speed signal transmission capacity of the server circuit board products, and has formed a complete set of manufacturing technologies for making high multi-layer printed circuit boards for servers, and its overall level has reached domestic-leading.
As of today, SUNTAK has carried out more than 20 evaluations of S&T achievements, taking a leading position in PCB industry. In the future, the company will continue to explore the development trend of the industry, deepen the research of innovative technology products, strengthen the investment in R&D, and continuously enhance its technical level and industrial competitiveness.

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