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The products of Zhuhai plant are mainly applied in automotive, computers, security and optoelectronics, and other fields

Founded in 2017, Zhuhai Suntak Circuit Technology Co., Ltd. (Zhuhai Plant) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Suntak Technology Co., Ltd. It is a high-tech enterprise engaged in producing electronic circuits. Zhuhai Plant covers an area of 260,000㎡, and the master construction plan was completed in three phases, including Zhuhai No. 1 Plant, Zhuhai HDI Plant, and Zhuhai High-layer Board Plant, of which the overall construction area and floor area of Zhuhai No. 1 Plant are about 100,000㎡ and 30,000㎡ respectively, and the products mainly include multi-layer boards, which have been applied in automotive, computers,  optoelectronics, etc. 

  • 267K㎡

  • 500

  • Automotives, Computer, Optoelectronics , Mobile Phone

  • 180,000㎡

  • HVAC 

    Craft show

    Layers 6L
    Board thickness 1.6±0.16mm
    Material SL S1000H
    Line width / space 0.152/0.15mm
    Minimum aperture 0.25mm
    Resistance welding 10-50um
    Thermal grease 120+/20um
    Surface treatment ImmersionTin
  • Motherboard (Laptop)

    Craft show

    Layers 8L
    Board thickness 1±0.1mm
    Material S100H
    Line width / space 0.091/0.05mm
    Minimum laser drilling aperture 0.2mm
    Surface treatment Sink gold
  • Camera

    Craft show

    Layer 6L
    Board thickness 2mm
    Material IT180A
    Width/ line spacing 0.142/0.06mm
    Minimum aperture 0.2mm
    Surface treatment OSP
  • TV

    Craft show

    Layers 6L
    Board thickness 1.0mm
    Size 588*78mm
    Minimum aperture 0.2mm
    Surface treatment Sink gold
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